Monday, June 29, 2015


I think we need to ask more questions.
Here's what I propose...


  1. Ask what they're favorite color was when they were kids
  2. Ask what pet meant the most to them and what pet they hated
  3. Ask what adult they hated as a kid
  4. Ask what they're prized possession was
  5. Ask where they wanted to go as kids.
  6. Ask if they ever met anyone from Africa
  7. Ask if they ever saw their father/mother cry
  8. Ask about their favorite pieces of clothing NOW
  9. Ask what name they wish they had
  10. Ask if they prefer the Atlantic or the Pacific
  11. Ask if they could live anyplace and be surrounded by friends...where would they be?
  12. Ask if they ever caught a fish
  13. Ask if they ever trespassed and why
  14. Ask if they ever broke a bone or lost a tooth unnaturally
  15. Ask if they ever caught their parents doing something secret
  16. Ask them for a secret
  17. Ask them what their favorite smell is
  18. Ask them what they wanted to be when they were 9
  19. Ask them if they ever smoked pot or did cocaine
  20. Ask them who their worst boss was
  21. Ask them who they SHOULD have married
  22. Ask them what there favorite car is
  23. Ask them what they think of the neighbors
  24. Ask them if they were ever scared of the dark or monsters
  25. Ask them if they ever lost something precious
  26. Ask them if they ever wrote in a journal
  27. Ask them if they ever ballroom danced
  28. Ask them how they fix the world NOW
  29. Ask them if they ever lived or visited a farm 
  30. Ask them what they think youve done well
  31. Ask them about how you have disappointed them in the past
  32. Ask them if they'd rather have LOVE, HEALTH or MONEY
  33. Ask them what the perfect bed is for them
  34. Ask them what their uncles and Aunts were like
  35. Ask them if they prayed as kids, or now
  36. Ask them what they'd do if they could do anything at all
  37. Ask them their favorite game as children
  38. Ask them if they ever ran away
  39. Ask them if they care about wrinkles
  40. Ask them what was the most beautiful or handsome thing about their parents
  41. Ask them if they ever considered suicide
  42. Ask them about the two worst foods they can think of
  43. Ask them what they MIGHT have named you
  44. Ask them bout their worst dream
  45. Ask them about their perfect day
  46. Ask them what they thought about where the were raised
  47. Ask them what they think of gender issues
  48. Ask them if they were ever secretly sick
  49. Ask them what embodies LOVE for them
  50. Ask them if they ever got lost

Gosh, I think we'd learn a lot if we asked once in awhile.


I'm here but I'm not. I'm mostly lost and sometimes found.

The world doesn't need another blog about a girl. a woman trying to find her way. 

Through motherhood, worry, regret, confusion and dreams of a "happier" life. More PINTEREST lost hours. recipes and the endless collecting of books and ideas that might ...HELP. The search for meaning in a life chock full of meaning right in front of my eyes. 

Lord, why is it so hard to see?

Parenting regrets. Girlfriends i long to see but don't talk to.

Ideas and hopefully something for you to feel good about, plus a little honestly.

I'm here. 

This is me. Take from it what you will. 
Call me J.